About Us

Harlequins Squash Club is based in Pretoria and was established in 1973 with 2 Courts. 2 more Courts where built in the late 1975. In 2007 the portion of the property that housed the Courts was sold and the existing facility was constructed in November 2008.

Harlequins Squash Club competes in the Northerns squash league. Harlequins is one of the biggest clubs in the Northerns province and has four squash courts and excellent facilities which include a pub area for its members as well as facilities to have braais inside. These facilities ensure that league nights at Harlequins are normally very festive where Harlequins league players and their opponents are able to socialise.

Harlequins has won the prestigious Woody Kaiser Cup a number of times. The Woody Kaiser Cup is awarded to the most successful squash club in Northerns based on an agreed formula, applied to all the teams competing in the men’s leagues. Clubs competing for this cup will only be the bigger clubs in the Northerns province, as defined in the agreed formula.

Harelquins has also won the Uitsig Cup a few times. This Cup is awarded to the club that wins the most number of leagues as a percentage of the number of league teams, both men’s and lady’s teams, that club has competing in the Northerns expressed as a percentage. The basis for awarding this cup means that the smaller clubs in the province have an excellent of chance of being declared the winners.

At Harlequins we strive to be the “best” squash club in Northerns. Being the best does not only mean winning leagues but also encompasses the culture of the club. Things that are important to us are the following:-

– How we conduct ourselves on the squash courts regarding fair play and aggression

– The support we give our team mates while they are playing their league matches

– The support we give our club in using the bar and braai facilities

– How we make our opponents feel welcome at Quins

– The commitment we have in paying our fees on time so that our Club can function effectively

– How well we do in the leagues we play in

– How we encourage young members to join the Club and stay with the club

– How we encourage new members to join the Club and making them feel welcome

– How top players at the Club show their willingness to play with lower league players and help these players

Once a Quin always a Quin