Harlequins Mixed League 2018

Due to the season ending so early, we are running a new tournament within the club, with players across the ladder – starting this coming week.  Please see details below.


Gompoue Laksmanne Loeries Volstruise Hadedas Piet-my-vroue
Jarryd Wood De Jongh van den Berg Carin Pretorius Tristan Bagshaw Willie Jordaan Cole van Rensburg
Sussie Boonzaaier Riaan van Deventer Pat Williams Roulof Hefer Grant Hewitt Hendrik van Gass
Mark Dawson Bevan Chippet Bert Koekemoer Peter Mitchell Jason Hewitt Trevor Cufflin
Wian Hanekom Reinhardt Bron Donovan Loots Hylton Vos Charles Tshuma Adriaan Booysen
Juanito Damons Luan Els Phillip Ferreira Mandi Joubert Gareth Hearn Jacques Nel
Rob Wermuth Pieter de Beer Neville Sullivan Jason Fisher Wikus Klopper Fanie Prinsloo
Peregrine Joint Gerrit Zulch Theo Munro Clifford le Roux Wim Mentz Floors Nel
Yana de Jesus

Team captains indicated in red


Fixtures: (Home teams are indicated first)

Thursday 13th Tuesday 18th Thursday 20th Tuesday 25th Thursday 27th Court
Volstruise vs Gompoue PMV vs Hadedas Gompoue vs Loeries Volstruise vs PMV Hadedas vs Loeries 1
Laksmanne vs Hadedas Loeries vs Volstruise PMV vs Laksmanne Hadedas vs Gompoue Gompoue vs PMV 2
Loeries vs PMV Gompoue vs Laksmanne Hadedas vs Volstruise Laksmanne vs Loeries Volstruise vs Laksmanne 3



  • Round robin format.
  • All points in games count toward your fixture score.
  • 5 Players per fixture.
  • Matches are best out of 5 sets to 11 sudden death.
  • For every league difference on the latest Quins ladder between opponents the lower ranked player will receive two points at the start of every set, to a maximum of four.
    • Example: Mark Dawson (5th League) play Peter Mitchell (7th League). Peter starts each set with 4 (7 – 5 = 2 * 2 = 4) points.
    • As Quins does not have a 3rd League there is only one league difference from 2nd to 4th
  • Winning team in fixture is team with most match wins.
  • 20% (Rounded down) of points difference between winning and losing team gets added to winning teams’ score (If winning team has more points than losing team).
  • If the winning team has less points than the losing team then the winning teams points are increased to one point more than the losing team.
  • Maximum of two players in squad to play 5 fixtures.
  • All players must play at least two fixtures.


  • R 100 entry fee per player.
  • Home teams to cater and provide balls (Green Dot) for fixtures.
  • Final fixture will be catered for by Harlequins.
  • Games to start at 18:00.

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