Harlequins Squash Club fees for 2019

1 Single league playing member. R1750
2 Family membership where 1 member plays league. R1900
3 Family membership where more than 1 member plays league. An extra amount is payable for each additional league player. (spouse / dependents Only) R1900
+ R715 extra
4 Full time Student member who plays league. R1035
5 League playing member who is older than 60. R1025
6 Non-league playing member. R870
7 Full time Student member who does not play league. R320
8 Non-league playing member who does not play league and is older than 60. R370
9 Non-league playing member who is a member of another Harlequins Club Sub-section. R720

Download the application form > Harlequins Squash Applications Form