PLEASE TAKE NOTE that notice is hereby given that the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of HARLEQUINS/DEFENCE SQUASH CLUB will be held at the SQUASH CLUB on SATURDAY, 27 OCTOBER 2018 immediately after the Club Finals.


  1. Opening: Chairman
  2. Present and Apologies.
  3. Chairman’s report
  4. Approval of previous AGM minutes
  5. Obituaries.
  6. League results.
  7. Approval of Financial Statements.
  8. Nominations for Committee.
  9. Motions received.
  10. General.

SHOULD any member wish to submit a motion for discussion he/she must submit the motion in writing, duly seconded by two members in good standing, i.e. members that have paid their 2018 membership fees in full.

Any motion for discussion must be lodged with the Secretary/Chairman no later than 17 OCTOBER 2018.

Nominations for Committee members shall be nominated in writing and signed by proposer and a secondent and shall be accompanied by acceptance by the member in writing.

All nominations must reach the Treasurer no later than 20 OCTOBER 2018. All three members must be in good standing.

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